Trinacria, 29 The Peninsula, Noosaville

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Christian Fitzpatrick

Katie Ebbott

Katie Ebbott

Trinacria. . .What can you say about such a place?
Well as soon as we got the call to go and do a Location Reccie, I knew it must be something unique. I was quite unprepared for what I found when I got there though - The place was HUGE!
As soon as I set foot through the entry, it I knew we would be packing all 18 feet of the Crane on this job and it was a good thing we did too, the sheer scale of it demanded such an approach.
I think Debbie's introduction shot probably says it all. . .with dramatic crane move the audience is immediately shown just how grand the entrance to this home actually is. . .and it just gets better from there.
Shot over an afternoon, this "Platinum" video was instrumental in sucessfully marketing the home to an interstate and international audience.

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