What does 300 frames a second look like

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Diahann McKenzie & Linda Clements

Andrew Merrington

Andrew Gibson

Chris Bowman

Have RED Epic - will shoot slow mo. For the full HD experience, head off to our Channel on VIMEO and watch this on your smart TV at home.This was the perfect project to experiment with high speeds all round. On the camera and the craft.A fun promo & project for James Todd's JetSkiShop.com and their social club on the Gold Coast.We shot this over a few lazy hours on a Saturday afternoon at Lake Moogerah - about three hours drive inland, from the Queensland coast.Shot on our RED Epic 'Paris' mostly @ 300 frames per-second. Canon 70-200 and 100-400. The 2k files required a lot of post sharpening.Added Charlie Sheen's interview #winning from soundcloud.com to give it some zing. Camera Assistant - Andrew Merrington.

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