About platinumHD

Firstly, on behalf of all of us at platinumHD, thank you for visiting us. In creating this site – and the subjects we straddle – we’ve strived to contribute something, like it or lump it, to the digital propaganda and conversation. We trust you find us honest, informative and entertaining. If we fail you, please complain. 

platinumHD is a digital video production and technology studio, based on the Gold Coast, in South East Queensland, Australia. We’re a ten-strong operation, with well-established production and post production infrastructure.

Today, we’re a very diferent business to the one we were two years ago. Then again, these are very different times.

It has taken us two years to get to the starting line.

We’re more of a hybrid creative film & IT workshop that’s still very much evolving, in line with the brave new business model we spoke of back in a film we made in 2016 called CHANGE which addressed the massive upheaval technology has wrought on all industries, none more so than production.

Today, the digital media landscape is experiencing so much disruption, the old production house is a relic.

Today, it’s not enough just to wield a big RED Hollywood camera. Now, it’s Mobile in your back pocket, and a steadicam called MOVI.

Today, it’s not enough just to tell a great story. You’ve got to get it out there.

As the ways and means to make content changes, so will the content itself. Get ready for some revolutionary new thinking from new Film-Makers unchained from old school thinking, not bothered by dynamic range, oblivious to the need for sharp focus. It doesn’t matter how or what’s making that content, all that matters is that it gets made.

Today, we’re here to help make and deliver this new type of media – in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible – using technology built for that purpose. It’s home-grown technology that we will be licensing.

Our in-house services have grown by demand and necessity to include:

  • Producing, Pre-Production & Research
  • Creative Thinking & Writing
  • Digital Video Production & Editing. Three fulltime CREW with Drones. Two fulltime Editors.
  • Cloud-Based Post Production Services For Independent User Generated Content (Propvid 2.0)
  • CASA-licensed UAV Wing
  • APRA-Licensed Music
  • 3D Scanning
  • 3D Architectural Visualisation
  • Full Stack Development – showcache
  • Website Design, Deployment and Hosting
  • Consultation & Training On Establishing In-House Production, Video Tactics & Strategy

Today, as video becomes the premier medium for online communication, platinumHD’s proven experience and thinking in this space is more relevant than ever but it comes tempered by a future where extinction is replacing disruption.

platinumHD has franchises in New Zealand and British ColumbiaGold CoastGold Coast South. It has trusted, freelance CREW throughout the country and is closely aligned with print supplier VFX.

Our History

Founded by multi-award-winning writer, director and cinematographer Brett Clements, platinumHD is internationally renown for its high-end film work in the prestige property industry, where many of its viral productions have become legend. We come with 40 years of experience in the real production world where story-telling and film-making are skill sets that don’t come in an APP or the latest software update.

Few companies have lensed as much of Queensland from a real estate and lifestyle perspective than platinumHD. Our stock footage archives are formidable – much of it filmed in 5, 6 and 8k on RED cameras. From 2004, we pioneered real estate video as ‘propvid’, laying the foundations for what is today a global cottage industry.

Along the way, we attracted Clients from other luxury marketplaces eager to embrace the same quality, creativity and experience of a mainstream ad agency/production house but at a fraction of the price.

platinumHD’s brutally cost-effective business model constantly evolves by embracing powerful, new technology, disruptive thinking – and removing all traces of ‘BS’ from the process. If it can be done better and cheaper, even at our own expense, we’ll go there. We saw Mobile Film-Making as one of the new horizons we had to cross.


We wear CREW literally over our hearts because it takes a team to deliver the best in online video. From our dedicated Producers through to our Directors and Cinematographers, Camera and Production Assistants, Editors and Designers - all backed by solid in-house IT.


We’ve invested in the best cameras, lenses, lights and drones on the market. It is a KIT constantly being updated. And because we have three CREW in South East Queensland, all with compatible cameras, we can bring incredible firepower to bear on one job. From still to motion. CANON. Black Magic. DJI.


Watch the very first Propvid, filmed in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. See the first Agents profiles we filmed, and come on our journey from NSW to Queensland as we struggled to introduce video as a medium to the property industry. Check out the 2007 Blockbuster promo. The Vault is a video history of our milestones in video production.

The platinumHD Network


‘Not A Jack Of All Trades And Master Of None’ as so many Suppliers are to the real estate industry these days, the NZ CREW is focused on delivering quality, creative video and media.

British Columbia

Blessed with a pristine environment to work in, this family-owned business of Jacob and Jamie McNeil - they never fail to deliver jaw-dropping video and photographic images.

Gold Coast

Home to platinumHD head office. Quality Control Centre, with in-house Editors, Designers and IT.

Gold Coast South

Licensed with a CASA Operations Manual, one of the best in the UAV business.

We have worked with Brett, Pony (Linda) and the Platinum HD team since opening our Queensland offices over 3 years ago and have built such a close relationship with the team that they feel like an extension of our Sotheby's International Realty family. We work with their team for various videography and photography projects for Property, Company Branding, Social Media, Testimonials, Auction and company events and they always perform above and beyond our expectations. Video is such an integral part of our business and we have found so many changes with videography in our industry over the past few years. Platinum HD are always in sync with the changes and constantly keep our company and team current with the innovation in the delivery of their products therefore allowing us to remain at the forefront of our industry. Deanne Arthur – Director Queensland Sotheby’s International Realty
There is not a Company that we’re associated with I would endorse more readily. Andrew P.Bell. Chief Executive Officer. The Ray White Surfers Paradise Group.
As the Operations Manager at Chadwick Real Estate, I worked closely with PlatinumHD on our corporate Real Estate videos. The quality and execution was 2nd to none. They knew exactly what we needed and the whole process was seamless. Jessica Whatman
My only choice for video. John Natolie. The Agency.
If it’s of value to your business for people to know you before they have met you in person, these guys have the goods. It’s up to you if you are worth knowing! Scott Wagner