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platinumHD New Zealand is at the leading edge of real estate marketing. In an industry that is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth, it has become imperative that to be the best, you must build a great support team, for many of Auckland’s top real estate players that includes partnering with platinumHD to produce top class marketing packages.

Our team in Auckland are ready and able to support our clients for all of their property marketing needs, from concept through to delivery. We have a tightly held mantra, Video creates emotion, emotion drives sales. It’s a simple but succinct statement of what platinumPROPVID can achieve for your property listing. All platinumHD property videos are expertly shot and produced utilising the latest technologies.

We employ professional vocal artists to deliver your key selling propositions, matching this with a carefully selected soundtrack to support the overall tone of the message.

The end result is a complete audio and visual experience that engages the viewer and presents your property the very best way possible.

In today’s market it is important to cover all angles. That can also be said for imagery, platinumHD is able to offer a full service aerial footage package, whether it be for still photography or video. The platinumDRONES service offered by our Auckland team captures excellent visuals safely and legally, with all of the latest UAV operational rules being met.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what are those words saying about your property? With platinumHD, your property photography will impress both your vendor and your buyers. platinumHD images are captured on professional camera equipment, and techniques such as multiple exposure HDR imaging and off camera flash lighting ensure your images present all parts of the subject matter at the correct lighting, whilst reducing unattractive shadows. All images are professionally retouched and artistically coloured to show the best your property has to offer, just like it would be in the pages of a magazine.

platinumHD not only produces top quality video and photography for your property marketing packages, we also provide a comprehensive web-based platform from which to manage all of that media. From the selection of images to be re-touched, through to the review and approval of your property video’s, it can all be done with a few clicks on our platform.

As your technology partner, platinumHD continues to develop ways that will support and enhance your relationship with the market, both to secure listings and to sell property. Currently we operate in the wider Auckland region and have shot in locations from Rotorua through to Northland. We will be adding more locations very soon.

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