Joseph Lordi – Queensland – Sotheby’s International Real Estate

Joseph Lordi – Queensland – Sotheby’s International Real Estate

Joseph Lordi is going places. The guy who almost everybody said “no thanks” too when he first started knocking on doors,  looking for a gig in the property industry, to is starting to shake things up.

One of Queensland – Sotheby’s International Real Estate‘s young guns, he’s a glimpse of the future. Tomorrow’s agent, today. With boundless energy and passion for the business, he’s already carved out a name for himself in Brisbane city, with some record-sales.

We spent a few days getting to know this polite, well-mannered young man a little better as we continue to profile this luxury Agency, established by international business partnership Paul and Deanne Arthur in 2016.

Although we’ve done hundreds of high-end Agent profiles over the years, we try never to repeat a scene.

In preproduction, we always sit down, ideally, face to face to get an idea of “self” – or via a long phone conversation – and go over all the points the Client wants to promote. Then it’s down to locationlocationlocation.

The more visual the setting, the better the images. This is all about amortising our time on location, so we can bank more pictures. Logistics like parking, advance permission to film in a public place, like a shopping centre. Etc.

Then there’s the visual theme. Keeping up appearances is a constant pressure on the modern agent. Fashion is also a big part of Joseph’s life, so we wanted to capture that. You want lux locations that rub off on the audience. But you don’t want to flash too much cash around. Agents arriving in Bentleys is a bit yesterday.

Production wise. You’re going to need about six to eight locations to fill out a 3.30 minute Agent profile.

We set and light almost all our set-up’s and then cycle through multiple lens changes, mostly using prime lenses.

Composition is more important to us than chasing Agents around, in perpetual-motion, on mobile gimbals. The latest fast and lazy fad. We’re not making music videos. We’re making serious property communications. 

In most cases (unless the Client has other ideas) we want to introduce the Agent to a potential buyer cleanly and calmly.

When working for a Agency shooting multiple Agent profiles, when we come to the end of our production journey, we want a Corporate video for that Client to come together seamlessly, drawing on all the materials we’ve filmed, to deliver a consistent look.

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