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The GRUEN Transfer As Applied To Prestige Property Tenders.

The GRUEN Transfer As Applied To Prestige Property Tenders.

“In shopping-mall design, the Gruen Transfer is the moment when consumers enter a shopping mall or store and, surrounded by an intentionally confusing layout, lose track of their original intentions, making consumers more susceptible to make impulse buys.” Wikipedia. Wil Anderson‘s masterful show on the ABC could easily spoof modern day property marketing. The glamour receptionists with low plunging tops. The fridges stocked with mineral water. The mirror-maze of glass accolades and awards from another season of million dollar back-slapping at endless awards. And INSTAGRAM posts from the platinum seats at the State of Origin, handed out by the Murdoch Press for peeling the most millions from for VPA print and REA campaign. But this is the twilight zone in media.

Now that absolutely everybody is filming themselves “gobbing’ the latest in self-help and sales gospel on iphones and spewing it up, along with carrots, on social media, we now flick much faster, searching for something creative. Pimply-faced newbies – camera-bombing my world, without make-up – screaming 4K jibbrish into my face; violating my living space with their latest market report, which includes four highly-saturated stills of the homes they just sold. I invited the Today Show in. I didn’t invite you.

That’s the thing about ‘the tube’ everybody is about to learn. The hard way.

The GRUEN factor is about to impact on prestige property marketing. It’s about to crash your world. At least that’s how we explained the coming change to McGrath’s Paul Shelton, at a meeting on Monday, with Sales Manager Charles Higgins and Assistant Maddison Schee in our new take on the real estate video world.

We weren’t interested in the low-end gigs. “Do them on your i-phone and we’ll end them.”

We’d already explained the lower end of real estate marketing had already gone to the dogs with Vendors now even flying their own drones (illegally) and kids with OZMOs doing karate kicks across coffee tables for $150. (Hope they’re insured). Pictures and drone video included. $150.

Now we were explaining we thought they should also tender their high end video work out to multiple competitors.

“You don’t want our work??? Do you want to go broke?” Paul remarked. No. We just want to be honest about what’s about to happen. “We want to win your work. Fairly and squarely. By pitching against other competitors.”

First. Here’s how real world real estate marketing kinda’ works.

  1. A Client (A Vendor) auctions a number of Agencies (think AD Agencies) and briefs them on their sales challenges.
  2. The Agency responds. Presenting the best Agent, the usually highest valuation and the cheapest and nastiest marketing kit. Let’s go spend $600,000 on media and give the kids $600 bucks to shoot the Creative. Invest $600,000 of media in a $600 production. The pictures all go over to Asia for a re-touch and next minute we’re in the paper, looking like a page ripped from a cheap comic book.
  3. The CRUNCH begins. Educating the Vendor on how actually little their property is worth based on the first week of low-ball offers.

Here’s how the real Advertising World works. And it’s just as cut-through.

  1. Agency tenders for an wins account based on credentials.
  2. Agency interprets brief and briefs Creative Suppliers. Photographers. Production Houses. Etc.
  3. The teams come together. Designers. Casting Agents. Make-up. Wardrobe. Props.
  4. Suppliers do due diligence on product; visit site; work up ideas and pitch.
  5. Agency presents at least three different alternate, creative approaches and budgets to Client (Vendor)
  6. Client (Vendor) checks out references and showreels and checks last three productions.
  7. The Agency awards the job to the best Creative. Not always the cheapest.

The above is how Prestige Real Estate Agents need to work. NOT with cookie-cutter franchises that deliver skip bins and signboards with video, photography and DL cards in an all-you-can-eat package. A decent smart phone and a few Apps can do all of the above and more these days,

As platinumHD – as a former franchise PAINFULLY UNDERSTANDS – you cannot franchise creativity.

At platinumHD, we’re spoiling to get into a GRUEN fight. And if you’re just another real estate Supplier, you’ll need balls the size of King Kong to have a crack.

At the end of the day, The Vendor wins and the Agent wins. And we don’t have to watch three minutes of drone aerials and backward flips over coffee tables cut to some elevator music compiled in Manila.

So the next time you win a big prestige listing, call in the BEST suppliers to tender their ideas. They will. If they’ve got the balls. There’s only one catch, if you love their ideas, you can’t steal them. They’re Copyright. Another lesson the industry needs to learn as it rumbles blindly into full digital convergence and comes head to head competing with Karl on the morning show for space.

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