When Is Long Enough, Good Enough?

When Is Long Enough, Good Enough?

This drives at the heart of the age-old argument of when IS a property video long enough? Our philosophy has always been a property video is not entertainment but information. And while it’s been hijacked in recent years by Agents mugging in front of camera with scantily clad models, driving cars they could never afford, to places they clearly don’t belong, our philosophy has always been a property video has an ultimate audience of one. The buyer. The person who’s going to shell out between one to $15 million to buy that property. If they can afford that, they can afford the time to watch an in-depth film on a house. Say 5, ten maybe even 15 minutes. In a world where things get shorter and faster, we believe films selling things will get longer and more detailed.

Recently, a Client we’d done quite a few films for, Garry Mills, called us with a new production challenge. 74 Port Jackson Boulevard, on Clear Island Waters. Garry is a builder, and together with his wife, are perfectionists. This always reflects in their projects. Garry raised the point he believed property videos had become more Agent promotion than marketing material to sell a home. A discussion on duration followed, and we both agreed that needed to be determined by the amount of information we needed to convey about the property. So we threw the duration book out the window.

The end result is the longest property video we’ve filmed. Complete with talent and a young mum and kids, enjoying the environment. We filmed in 4.6K RAW on Black Magic’s URSA Mini Pro, plus Canon’s 1DX and the Panasonic GH5, with post on DaVinci Resolve 15. The production involved three visits to the home for photographs – dodging the storms prevalent in our part of the world at this time of year – and about 14 hours filming. The script was driven by hard information, which drove the duration.

As time becomes more precious, and weekend traffic worse, we believe, as we always have, video will be the way people buy homes. And they’ll do it from the comfort of their living room, in 4k. We bet ya!

Garry Mills, Residential Real Estate