Booking & Ordering. The 30. The 60. The 90. The Prestige

For bookings, scheduling, video streaming, 3D and photographic asset approval and distribution, we use was developed especially for the real estate industry to streamline the process between Agent – Marketing – Vendor – and Supplier. The platform alerts all parties when media is being loaded for review. Here, you can view and review every asset, make notes and schedule them for automatic upload to multiple social media channels. LINKS are also provided for the portals and also to download high resolution video and photographs.

Despite the real estate industry’s constant need to re-invent the wheel, the staple property video hasn’t strayed far from the formats of commercial TV. The 30, 60 & 90 have been the mainstay of TV advertising since the 1950s.

We’re not cookie-cuter. We’re cutting edge. Creative/Bespoke.

By now, Agents experienced in the use of real estate video know exactly what they want and are just buying our time and expertise on location and our post production skill sets. Our CREWs are flexible enough to turn on a dime. If you want something special, brief us in advance.

Add Professional Voice Overs to your Property Videos

Writing copy for video is not the same as print, which requires more flowery adjectives be used to paint a picture in the reader’s mind – a hangover from the days of black and white ink. Copy for video requires a more fact-based approach. Send us your copy and we’ll make it ‘video ready’. We can also provide you with a choice of male and female voice-over artists.

Smart Phone Film-making.

With Smart phone cameras getting better and the next generation of Agents comfortable taking “selfies” and talking on camera, we’ve added ‘You Shoot, We Cut’ services. We call it Propvid 2.0. Starting from $99.

Smart Phone Training

If you’re serious about the future being mobile, we can arrange a training session on how to set-up your camera and gimbal and how to use it to deliver the best results.

Property Video Packages

The Propvid 30

The classic 30-second Propvid. Ideal for in-room Auctions. Units, Apartments, Small Homes, Shops and Sheds. Produced in up to 45 minutes on location.

The Propvid 60

The 60-second Propvid. Ideal for Townhouses, Luxury Apartments, Medium-sized Homes or Commercial premises. Produced in up to 90 minutes on location.

The Propvid 90

The 90-second Propvid. Ideal for Agent commentary, 4-6 bedroom homes, Commercial Sites. Produced in up to 2 hours on location.

Propvid Prestige

A film of up to 3.30 minutes. Mansions, Estates and Acreages. Produced in up to 3 hours on location.

Videos Delivered Within 48 Hours

On approval, we automatically upload to your Facebook and Twitter feed, YouTube and other social media accounts, plus provide links for your web site and the property portals. 

Our Propvid 30, 60, 90 & Prestige Video Packages Also Include

  • Automatic Social Media Uploads
  • Clean Video Streaming
  • Complimentary Drone (If we are allowed to legally fly there)
    For twilight shoots or working in controlled airspace, a CASA licensed pilot is required by law.
  • One set of Complimentary Edit Requests
  • Voice-Over to Details Provided or Agent Commentary (Agent Commentary Excluded for Propvid 30)

Additional Services Available


24-hour cancellation policy. For overcast days, we recommend shooting interiors and returning, in fine weather, to film exteriors. Our CREWS are full-time employees and are covered with $21 million in public liability. Before you let anybody in your premises, ask to see a copy of their insurance papers.

Booking Request

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