The Propvid 90

Room to breathe and time to think. A Propvid 90 is just about the perfect length to present a home. Big or small. You can expect up to 45 shots, each lasting approximately two seconds. We feel this is just enough time to show the audience a room. In terms of dialogue, you have 210 words, in an easy (not rushed) read. This can be delivered by you, in what’s called a 100% – which means talking straight to the camera – or via a voice-over. Alternately, you can let the international language of music do all the talking.

If you’re delivering dialogue. avoid the use of adjectives. Descriptive words are a hangover from the black and white days of print and have no place in a moving, highly visual medium like video. Let the audience decide if “the kitchen is as good as gets”. With video, stick to the facts. They’re easy to remember. TIP: Research the facts and just do a relaxed, spontaneous, natural IV.

Music. Mainstream music is protected by copyright and use in commercial productions will incur a take-down notice and heavy fines.

Music is very subjective but if you want a particular sound, platinumHD is APRA-licensed and we use Head over, pick a vibe and send us the reference number.

As platinumHD pay APRA fees, we can arrange to have your YouTube site ‘white labelled’ – removing advertising.

Drone. Our all CREW now carry under 2kg drones (Mavic and/or Phantom) and if we can fly there, aerials are complimentary. As platinumHD has a professional UAV wing which is licensed by CASA, we must adhere to the rules. No flying within 30 metres of the public. No flying in restricted airspace. If you’re unsure, download the CASA Can I Fly There Drone Safety App.

Logistics. The CREW will arrive 10 minutes ahead of schedule, call you from site and will be ready to bump in on time. If everything goes according to plan, a Propvid 90 will take up to 2 hours on location.

Please ensure the residence is clean, tidy and vacated. People in the home will slow your shoot down. We’d prefer not sharing a site with other Suppliers as they’re often caught in shot and flash photography damages video images. We recommend ‘staggering’ your shoots, scheduling one Supplier after another. The ‘SWAT’ invasion where Writers, Floor-planners, Photographers and Videographers all land at once is a bun fight, comprising quality.

Delivery. We use a platform called to deliver and distribute your media. Once uploaded, you will receive a clickable link in an email, to a viewer where you can watch your film, forward it to your Vendor for comments, and/or approve it. If you’ve authorised your social media accounts, you’ll also be able to schedule it for automatic distribution. That means not having to download then re-upload heavy HD files.

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