Drone Aerial Cinematography

Drones are having a profound impact on video production delivering aerial footage that gives a captivating new perspective; through stunning birds eye views that were previously unable to be captured.

Able to fly much lower than the 500 ceilings applied to commercial aviation, a drone can fly from as low as six inches to heights up to 400.

Our fully licensed and insured pilots are versatile to capture those truly unique moments shooting for any industry. Whether it be pre-empting a vehicles next move to best position the UAV, or showcasing a prestige property to catch vendors attention; you are in experienced hands.

We are highly experienced, with over 10 years in the film industry, specialising in film and television, professional sports, high end Real Estate and commercial development industries. 

In addition as industry leaders and professionals, all our Drone Pilots are approved by the local regulatory bodies such as CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) in Australia.

We have a wide range of Drone equipment and can offer anything from a Go Pro to Canon 5DIII, Sony Nex, GH4 and soon a RED EPIC.

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