Auction Video Services

Auction Videos

Auctions are becoming an increasingly popular way to sell a home. They create a sense of urgency around the sale, that results in a high-energy atmosphere. 

platinumHD has attended countless auctions and are experts at capturing the momentum and excitement around an auction sale.

They can be used to showcase to prospective clients what happens at an auction, and to cement you and your team as professionals who execute the auction process successfully.

Whether it's an in-room auction, or an auction on-site, the platinumHD team knows the production techniques required to capture this unique selling process on video.

Auctioneer Profile Videos

Auctioneer profile videos allow you as an auctioneer to profile yourself in action, and showcase the specialised skill set that is required for a successful auction. We capture you engaging with the crowd of buyers, and driving the price up.

As well as filming you in action for your auctioneer profile, we can include a compelling testimonial from the sellers, sharing how thrilled they are with the result you were able to achieve for them at auction.

"Auction Video"

Laing+Simmons' Granville Auction
Laing+Simmons' Granville Auction

A 2-camera shoot at a Granville auction captures some intense competition between the two highest bidders.

"Auctioneer Profile Video"

Charles Higgins Auctions
Charles Higgins Auctions

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