'Pandanus Point' 1 McIlwraith St, Moffat Beach

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Christian Fitzpatrick

Linda Clements

Katie Ebbott

Now this was one interesting Propvid.   A "Platinum" production, this film was commissioned by Ray White Caloundra.   The creative kind of took it's lead from the homeowners, when they agreed to be featured within the film, it seemed natural to interview Phil and have him provide the voiceover.   What entuated was a warm, heartfelt piece that struck a chord in the audience, the 8mm film treatment lending a sense of nostaligia and harking back to the home movies of yesteryear.   This is one of our very favourite Propvid's simply because of it's honesty and the complete lack of any Real Estate superlatives - It's real. This is just a man telling a story about a great place to live, taking the viewer on a journey and sharing some insight into family life on the Sunshine Coast.   We'd like to thank both Phil and Minda for being such great sports and being a part of the film.

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