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video production


We are an international Network of Videographers with over 10 years of experience making online video that stands out from the crowd. From the very beginning, we believed our Clients deserved a bespoke solution to online video - one that wasn't reliant on YouTube or Vimeo. A video streaming platform built for business. So we set out to build our own video streaming platform that can handle all your media needs - in a secure environment - from creation through to distribution and publication. Statistics. Analytics. Our CREWs are backed by decades of international award-winning experience in the television and advertising industries.


real estate


Through propvid, we pioneered the online video space for real estate. Through platinumHD, we become synonymous for quality, creativity and exceptional service. We've made over 50,000 videos for the biggest brands in the world. And delivered tens of millions of views. From Agent and Agency profiles to Property videos and Market Reviews. Our Network means no matter where you are based in the world, we can help.



aerial video


Drones or UAVs have added an exciting new dimension to film-making, providing an intimate aerial view of the world. We deliver aerial photography and aerial videography. Our Operators are licensed, trained and insured. platinumDRONES is licensed by CASA in Australia.


3d scanning


We embrace disruptive. And 3D Scanning is a disruptive technology, allowing you to explore a location in virtual reality from your computer. From as little as $200, we can re-create the space you are in and stream it in 3D over the Internet.



360 video


Transport your audience to your world. Experience life through stunning 360 degree video without even leaving home! Walk on a beach on the other side of the world or race a super bike up a mountain. This 'immersive' media is extremely popular on social platforms like Facebook.

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