I personally haven’t filmed a prestige property in Broadbeach for years. A lot of that obviously has to do with the lack of a decent budget. That changed today (Wednesday, July 15, 2020) when we had the honor and pleasure of working with Rima Stafford, on apartment 1904 in The Wave, which will be her 50th sale in this iconic building. I ‘still’ do this because I love filming beautiful buildings – and working with really high-markers who always raise the bar – and The Wave has to be one of those timeless designs. Now 12 years old, but with a fresh coat of paint, this DBI design still holds its own against the flare of the Oracle. (Same stable). Cracked out the 24mm tilt shift, and shifted and tilted. Shot for black and white. And had a lot of fun. We hope that’s reflected in what will be the first of many films for Rima, Chole and the team. The challenge with any apartment like this, which has drop-dead views in both the day and the night, is what to go for. One of the things I love about apartments on the Gold Coast is shooting at twilight – with a background full of buildings. It adds a dash of New York to an otherwise regional, coastal city. Filmed and photographed on the Panasonic S1H with full-frame Canon 14mm, Canon 17mm Tilt Shift, 24mm Tilt Shift (polarised) , 35mm, 50mm and the 70-200mm (polarised) lenses. Plus a LUMIX 24-105mm (polarised). Graded 99.9% ‘in camera’ with the Standard profile selected on the S1. For stills, processed in Lightroom. Crushing the highlights and whites and bumping the shadows. NO PHOTOSHOP or HDR. We prefer our content ‘real’.

Lucy Cole Prestige, Residential Real Estate

Published by Brett Clements