This piece marks the end of a long road for us and the start of a new one. Our objective has always been to deliver broadcast-quality content with advertising-like creativity – on a shoestring budget, in a space largely funded by Vendor Paid Advertising. (The home-owner foots the bill.) We’ve been motivated by convergence and the knowledge that our films, while distributed over the Internet and largely consumed on the small, forgiving screens of mobile devices, would ultimately end up on unforgiving 4K TVs in living rooms, where they would be judged alongside all the other content battling for eyeballs in this saturated medium. This would be breaking what’s called the ‘triangle’, which is an industry formula that says you cannot deliver a great, cheap, fast production. We believed we could achieve this because technology has continued to remove the need for middlemen and given creatives more and more of the tools they need to achieve that goal. That technology has also seen costs (and jobs and careers) sadly squashed in the process. That’s the price of progress. On price…there’s a serious misconception in the marketplace about platinumHD’s rates. Always has been. We might make things look a million bucks but it certainly doesn’t cost anywhere near what most mainstream production houses would charge. 15 Abercrombie was filmed in five hours, by a two-person CREW with Netflix-approved 6K cameras, drone and shot on cinema lenses, with Heath Williams presenting. I might add “brilliantly”. The budget was $1,800 inc GST and included a social media teaser, a long play film plus photographs, turned around in 48 hours. As a magazine story, we believe it is equal to any architectural/lifestyle piece seen on TV or cable. Which means, we’re now ready to take it to the next level. And boy, do we have some big plans.

Place New Farm, Residential Real Estate

Published by Brett Clements