We were delighted when we got the call to tender for a series of corporate films for one of NSW Upper North Shore’s oldest and most respected Agencies. Chadwick Real Estate, with a track record of over 60 years.

Even more so when we won the tender.

Director Lynette Malcolm, MD Benjamin Goben, OP’s manager Jessica Whatman and Digital Marketing Manager Karl Davidson knew exactly what they wanted and were all over ‘social’ like white on rice.

Chadwick is the most switched on ‘digital’ Agency we’ve come across in terms of how to deploy quality video across social.

They list and sell properties using social and CEO Scott Chadwick said it was the Agency’s first port of call in a marketing campaign.

A very through brief from their digital marketing unit, was followed by a one-week lifestyle shoot, mixed with Agent interviews, corporate work and property videos.

We’ve done so many of these big Agency productions by now we’ve developed a very flexible format which works in and around the weather.

The end result was three main pieces of corporate communicate plus 32 shorter videos for social media distribution.


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Published by Brett Clements