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Change. The Painful Decision To End Franchising.

Change. The Painful Decision To End Franchising.

In the early days of property video, it was easy. Given a few weeks of trial and error, you could teach anybody to shoot a basic ‘propvid’.

But as video went mainstream, Agents got more and more ambitious with their storylines – pushing some of our franchisees way, way beyond the limits they’d been trained for. I’m not talking Internet video standards. There aren’t any. I’m talking basic television production standards. And adhering to classifications. Even our riskiest videos came close to making a C for Children’s television. We were always conscious of an audience that may include youngsters. We pushed the limits. But we were never cheap or foul.

Come late 2016, we could no longer control the quality or the creativity of the video being shot under our name.

So, Linda and I decided to free all franchisees from their non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, allowing them to set up and operate independent real estate marketing businesses. This is pretty much unheard of. I know one popular franchise sent a friend of mine to the wall enforcing their agreement. It destroyed his marriage. And cost him close to $300,000. It took him a few years to recover. We didn’t want that blood on our hands. Times change. And if you don’t change with them, they’ll change you.

We continue to support our franchisees in New Zealand and British Columbia, and Gold Coast South and platinumDRONES. We’ve a lot of work to do. A lot of damage to repair. The work starts now.

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