Produced by Sam Yeomans from Play It Again Sam, these international Web ads and conference Openers involved literally strapping software technicians, flown in from all over the world, into the back of an L-39 Albatros jet and taking them for a high-speed, rollercoaster ride WHILE we interviewed them about Cloud-based solutions. Some of these trips were pretty rough on the passengers and motion sickness bags often came back full. Naturally, we can’t use any shots of people barfing into bags while plugging their products. WE captured this three day shoot on the Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro plus the Canon 1DXMII, plus onboard 4K GAMIN recorders. All the data wrangling was done on location at Archerfield by Andrew Gibson. Chief pilot was Steve Boyd. We cut this spot as a special thank you to Steve and the team from, Aviation

Published by Brett Clements