Greg Weatherall at Rainbow Bay

Shot in between the smoke haze from the summer’s horrendous fires. Our first serious run with the Panasonic S1H. The first time I looked through the electronic viewfinder, I was gob-smacked by the clarity. Shooting through a Canon 85mm prime (thanks to a Sigma converter), with a polarizer in the Matte box, and you could really feel this was a cinema camera. I felt like I was back behind a RED – but at a sliver of the cost. The thing I love about shooting with the S1H is you can grab the LUMIX kit lens, which comes with an onboard stabilizer, and activate the stabilizer inside the camera, and you have one very stable hand-held platform that gives you a lot more ‘freestyle’ options than the old ‘lazy stick’ (my term for the spate of gimbals currently ruining the industry). For talent, we cast a real family. Greg Weatherall’s brood. And they did an awesome job. Greg’s IV hit all the markers. Greg is also a CASA-licensed Drone operator who is clear to fly in the protected corridors around the airport. The main film ended up running about 6.30 minutes, in order to tick all the boxes. This is the Director’s Cut.

Platinum Films, Residential Real Estate

Published by Brett Clements