God’s Gift To Real Estate – Book 1 We’ve launched the first part of Vish Uttam’s new Agent Profile which he “won” in our first $10,000 challenge.

Vish, a Senior Marketing Executive at Brisbane’s Open House Realty Group, based his idea for God’s Gift To Real Estate on the widely acclaimed, hugely successful and brilliantly written campaign for Dos Equis beer called The Most Interesting Man in The World.

The strategy calls for a launch of the film across social media first.

The script: “He is God’s gift to real estate. When he was born, we moved out of caves and into homes. Donald Trump is still HIS Apprentice. Google rings him to find things. He once sold an igloo to an eskimo. Twice. He’s selling the Opera House – AND the White House. He taught conveyancing law to his mother – while still in her womb. He’s so good he doesn’t need to do OPEN Homes. The Homes open themselves. He memorized every single listing on realestate.com.au while solving Rubic’s cube blind-folded. With his hands tied behind his back. When he created the Auction, mankind had to invent the hammer. He SOLD the word SOLD to Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker. Other Agents only exist so he doesn’t keep home owners waiting. Thanks to his commission, millions of children in Africa now eat Beluga caviar every day. He is God’s Gift to Real Estate.”

PlatinumHD, Corporate

Published by Brett Clements