Tony reclining on set at Sabotage Social. May. 2018.

With an Irish accent dripping thicker than molasses, Belle Bulimba’s Tony O’Doherty explained: “I’m just not like the other Agents.”

So. We came up with a campaign to reflect his stance in this ‘material world’ – researching all the best bling that often comes with multi-million-dollar-listing egos.

We called the concept “I don’t care….”

We wrote enough lines for five or six x 60 second segments and then bowled them all over in a few hours at the Brisbane whisky bar Sabotage Social, in Fortitude Valley.

You can park out the front in the afternoon for a sneaky ‘bump in’.

Sabotage is an absolutely sensational location for the type of ‘aged urban look and feel’ we were shooing for – a red, neon revolver on the wall and a chandelier slung with whisky bottles.

It’s turnkey art-direction and a film-friendly management.

We filmed the spots in RED’s 2:3:1 aspect ratio to give them a cinematic feel.

The video went viral on Tony’s Facebook page.

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Published by Brett Clements

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