When Brisbane Director Mark Deere arrived at Aurora Towers, in Brisbane, to commence Series 2 of lifestyle_urban for Chris Hinds’ RE/MAX Everything Property Group, he was determined to think outside the square for 2011.

Last year saw us introduce a high fashion approach to presenting Brisbane apartment living for Chris, using words like ‘collection’ and dabbling with fashion poses, and black and white cinematography.

For 2011, born film-maker Mark wanted to kick off doing something different.

Then build on it. For inspiration, Mark turned to the news stand and the latest copy of Woman’s Day – dominated by the romance of Liz Hurley and Shane Warne.

And so Mark decided to shoot the first lifestyle_urban Propvid of 2011 to a theme of ‘Gossip’, with our presenter, and Chris’ Business Manager, Cassie Cochrane, kicking back and reading exciting grabs from the mag about Liz and Shane’s exploits to Mark, who also had to double as a featured extra.

The video poses a very interesting challenge to the ‘Does Sex Sell Real Estate?’ discussion. Simply. Does a Woman’s Day take on it add a different spin?

Our mission as a creative film production Company focused on property and lifestyle is to evolve the baseline of the format and take it to the next level.

Our first two freestyle gigs of 2011 pose some interesting questions and equal challenges. It will be very interesting to see how the chips fall, given over 80% of purchasing decisions are influenced by WOMAN.

That was a play on DAY.

PlatinumHD, Corporate

Published by Brett Clements