Something unusual in the world of agent profiles. An agent who didn’t want to be on camera. All Mishy Canning wanted to do was re-create an old story, and share it. So that’s what we  did. Model Allira Cohrs played Mishy, in her first dramatic outing, and actor Vince Gorce played the home-owner, who was being forced to sell after a tragic set of circumstances.

Here’s the outline:

Opening Scene.

Yellow light spills from a single window, in a home in the deepening shadows of a darkening blue twilight.Inside, in the dark and dead silence, hunched at a desk, is a man. Alone. He picks up and opens a small envelope from the top of a pile of unopened bills. Inside is a sympathy card. He slides it from the envelope and in the light of a small lamp we read:Sorry about your dad. He was a great man. Loved his beer. At this feet, a small black dog cocks his head to one side.The man’s eyes moisten, he looks up and he reflects back to happier times spent with his dad.

Scene 2

They are brewing beer in a basement; a cork pops off and ale fuzzes out. The pair fall about laughing. A few more caps pop off. 

Scene 3

The man is standing, his back to camera, staring at a wall hung with memories.

Scene 4

A woman on the phone. Snapping: You can’t afford to live there and you certainly can’t afford to buy it. We’re selling.

Scene 5

In the darkened home, the man is at the kitchen table. Dejected body-language. No lights are on. He’s studying a bill which he places back on the top of a pile.

Scene 6.

Father and son enjoying a beer on the balcony. And playing with the dog in the backyard.

Scene 7. The Stills shoot.

A stills camera on a tripod sits in a corner of the room. A photographer moves into frame and removes a photo of the man and other personal mementos from a table; along with some golf clubs. The Agent moves the clubs back in and looks at the photographer. A silent exchange. The clubs stay.

Scene 8. The garage sale.

The agent is helping the man move what was once obviously a favourite chair outside to join the rest of a life, priced for sale, on the lawn.

Scene 9. Open for Inspection.

The man watches through a door as the agent speaks to some potential buyers. She looks up and sees him staring. There’s an exchange of empathy.

Scene 10. Bathroom.

The woman is wiping away some ‘racoon eyes’.

Scene 11. 

The Agent on the phone.

Scene 12.

The agent at her desk, at night. Making a few phone calls. We read frustration – negotiation – despair – hope.

Scene 13.

The agent is giving the man a congratulatory hug.

Scene 14.

The man opens a beer and toasts a framed picture of his dad.

Scene 15.

Facebook status post: Help. I have just sold my Vendor’s home and I need to find him a new place to live until he can get back on his feet and the dad’s dog a new opener.

10 responses.

Scene 16

Mishy walks the man into a new home – and walks back out with the dog.

Fade to black

LJ Hooker Palm Beach, Residential Real Estate

Published by Brett Clements