Dawn. Brisbane Markets.

For Bambrick Media‘s ‘From Paddock To Plate’ social media concept for Simon George & Sons, dawn starts were part and parcel of the production. That means up at 2.00am. By the time the first colour was brushing the sky, Brisbane’s fruit markets were approaching peak hour. Tough men with hard hands. Which is what we wanted to capture.

Tim Bambrick pretty much grew up on the cold hard floors of these markets – where business is still done on a handshake – and knew what he wanted captured.

Tim filled the Producer role and was continually aghast at just how much work is involved organising a shoot like this for what is a relatively small payday.

Live action is our forte. No storyboards. Just run ‘n gun. And the go to lens is always the Canon 70-200mm. FYI: We do ‘board’ some jobs (the ipad pro and ProCreate makes for an ideal tool for this) but more for overall direction. Boards can be dangerous as Clients can get their heart set on a shot you may not be able to achieve, given the time frame and budget of ‘digital’ for social.

The idea for Paddock To Plate was to follow fresh produce, from the farms to the restaurants, with filming from Billinudgel, in northern NSW at Pocket Herbs, Brisbane’s Stokehouse Restaurant, Fassifern in Queensland and St Peters, NSW, and the Star Casinos, in Sydney and on The Gold Coast.

The overall idea was then to intercut the timeline as the sun comes up in the various locations.

Below the gallery, you’ll find a compilation of the films we have made.

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Published by Brett Clements