Print diagnosis in Australia now TERMINAL. Get your affairs in order.

Long live The Internet.

We started this business back in Sydney more than 8 years ago, treading the streets of posh Double Bay with a borrowed Sony PDX10 and a shopping trolly as a CREW car.

Back then, only one or two Agents believed in video.

Most called us ‘Mad’. Many still do.

Except those sitting on the boards of the newspaper empires who now think we’re onto something.

These days, we’re being asked to take down videos because the homes have long sold and the only ‘mad’ ones are the Vendors who are tired of the phone calls.

Times have changed.

The future is literally in the palm of your hand right now. The mobile phone, the tablet and 15” laptop computers which pack more pixels into their displays than wide screen TVs are bringing the world to life.

And it moves – at 25 frames per-second. This evolution is revolutionising our film industry: sparking creativity.

It is not in bloody photographs bleeding ink in full page ads and old and tired real estate copy.

Print is both economically and environmentally unsound.

Tomorrow’s Carbon Tax is going to rocket the costs of pulping forests, shipping wood and rolling presses; that’s before you dump your little bundle of ‘news’ on the back of a truck to haul across town.

There is nothing ‘news’ in a newspaper anymore.

Ironically, Australia read the news of Fairfax’s decision to shed 1,900 jobs, close two printing presses, downscale to tabloid-size the SMH and The Age and even flag the future of a ‘no print’ media landscape online.

The other shoe will drop in about five weeks when News Limited announces its plans for the future.

Video IS selling homes albeit the smart Agents won’t admit it.

And we’re shooting more property video than we ever had – approximately 20-30 jobs a day, just in SE Queensland alone.

Last year we formed the PlatinumHD Propvid Group to handle franchising.

And we’re a new-age franchise with a new business model.

We don’t sell zip codes.

We don’t even ‘sell’ our name. On the Gold Coast – we now have four fully-employed CREWS running out of Head Office, backed by a full-time head of Post Production and a full-time re-toucher.

With a dedicated IT arm and a network of awesome service partners.

Well-scheduled, each CREW can handle up to ten 30-second video ads in a shift. And technology works in our favour each day, delivering faster, better, smarter ways to do things.

These talents are supported by two full-time Producers.

These head-office CREWS join franchised operations on the North and South Gold Coast plus another major operation on the Sunshine Coast.

We’re also in Melbourne, Auckland, on Vancouver Island in Canada and we’re testing the waters in New York. Next week, Brisbane and Townsville come onboard.

We have no investment or Angel funding; no alliances with big media. We are supported only by a small percentage of very savvy Agents and Agencies.

We thank them all for their continued support.

Other exciting initiatives are on the launchpad, including a dedicated Chinese-Only video site.

We’ve achieved all this as a TEAM of digital film-makers under the banner of ‘No Excuse’.

The people pushing newspapers maybe the ‘mad’ ones now.

PlatinumHD, Residential Real Estate

Published by Brett Clements