Luke was backstage at the Queensland Titles of the Compete Naturally bodybuilding championships. Within half an hour, he’d be on stage claiming two trophies. The bright lights of the stage a far cry from the nights when he’d drink 30 cans of beer and end up on the cold floor of a police cell, in wet pants. “If I wasn’t locked up, I hadn’t had a night out,” Luke told me.

As a photo-journalist, my first and greatest love is telling stories about people and seeing them overcoming incredible struggles. In the past year, I’ve started to get back into it, doing more meaningful work in the past 10 months than I’ve done in the last decade. I’m shooting more and more with the 1DXMII and the GH5, as they’re lighter rigs and all the cameras are churning out such quality images these days, it doesn’t matter if you’re shooting on an iPhone (if you are, check out the MOMENT lenses. SHOP MOMENT).


We’ve completed part 1 of a corporate documentary series we are working on called Resilient Men, based on the Sunshine Coast. The non-for-profit group works with men, aged 16-60, on rehabilitation through re-skilling, nutrition, one-on-one mentoring, and exercise in ‘green space’.

Resilient Men, Corporate

Published by Brett Clements