“It’s the meanest, nastiest, darkest car have ever released.” Rolls Royce’s Queensland brand manager James Staniforth raved. “….and we want a video to match.”

James was talking about Rolls Royce’s Black Badge.

Thedrive.com says: The Adamas Wraiths and Dawns are the latest Rolls-Royces to bare the Black Badge name, meaning more performance, a darker theme, and even more rarity. Therefore, black accents are present all over the exterior, most notably on the grille. The Adamas Collection’s Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament, the centerpiece of every Rolls-Royce, is made of 294 layers of carbon fiber—a process that takes 68 hours to produceThe two grandiose characteristics of the Luminary Edition are found above and around the passengers. First, Tudor Oak from the forests of the Czech Republic was intricately perforated so the light emitted by 176 LEDs could shine through it. Second, the starlight headliner already found in the Wraith was reconfigured so its 1,340 fiber optic lights could recreate eight different shooting stars that fire at random over the front seats.

The UK launch video, cut to Tears For Fears “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” really threw down the gauntlet.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3tv6J7tk0k James wanted a champagne taste on a beer budget. That’s one of the challenges working digital and regional on prestige marques like Rolls. While the brand is expensive, shooting a video for what is quintessentially a regional business means we’re talking extremely small budgets. You have to think tight and shallow depth of field.

James and I put our heads together and came up with three locations and a look and feel that wasn’t weather-dependent. In fact, the darker the storm clouds, the better.

Location 1: A panel shop covered in graffiti for the close-up’s, with sparklers used to add some foreground. Always works a treat. And a spray bottle to jet some water.

Location 2: The underground showroom at Sunshine Automotive where a heavily tattooed woman meets the car – and sparks fly.

Location 3: The roof of Q1.

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Published by Brett Clements