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1 Scott Street

1 Scott Street

1 Scott Street was always going to be a Brisbane landmark.

The position, plus the design signature of Jackson Teece Architects pretty much guaranteed it.

So when Mark Lowrey from STYLE Prestige first pitched his idea to us for a series of films tracing the creative process behind the refurbishing of three apartments by three of Queensland’s top designers, it really was a no brainer.

Better still. The project would coincide with us bringing our RED Epic online. After months of testing, and months more of waiting for the ‘rare-as-hens-teeth’, titanium CANON mount, ‘PARIS’ (named not after the city but after the pop media phenom) would be good to go.

This week we launched films 1 & 2 in a series of six for Scott Street.

There’s a famous saying. You make your own luck. All of us at PlatinumHD have worked hard to bring this new 5K digital cinema camera on line. 1 Scott is the first time it has been fired in anger, on a prestige residential shoot and we’re very happy with the results.

On the Internet, to the untrained eye, you’d be pushed picking the difference between well-shot 5DMII footage and the RED.

Put the two together on a wide screen TV or cinema screen – and it is all over RED rover.

An Agent asked me recently: “Do you reckon the punter really cares about quality?”

To that we answer: ask Harvey Norman and Co how many big-screen, HD, 3D, Blue Laser-ready sets they sell every weekend.

Joe Punter knows quality alright. And creativity. And infotainment. Joe Punter is brutal with a remote. And Joe Punter is your Client. That’s our down-the-line, strategic positioning.

We’re getting ready for the living room – and projects like 1 Scott are already screening there, thanks to applications like Apple TV. If you have access to this technology, check out –

We’ve also used the EPIC for a big twin-city production for Ray White Commercial and the prestigious Aston Martin Sunshine account. It is an investment now of well over $100,000.

That’s how much we care.

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