The First Property ‘Short’ – Linnaeus

The First Property ‘Short’ – Linnaeus

Pin sharp from front to back; every sky blue; each and every colour in the spectrum amped.

Shadows brushed white, with radiating light; all lawns painted fresh-cut green.

Today’s real estate photography – almost all real estate photography, including much of the material produced by this production house – has managed to remove itself from art and become a paint-by-numbers process.

The only thing that really differs from one real estate agency ad to the next is the logo and the layout.

Yet every now and then something comes along that juts out – and gets in your face.

A bit like this post.

That project was Linnaeus – a private estate of landscape-architect-designed beach homes and cabins, about 20 minutes from Byron Bay, in NSW, where striking contrasts isn’t an exception.

It’s a rule. In fact, had we shot this with the ‘straight bat’ real estate photography is now played with, we’d have been bowled out.

This job demanded the Tilt Shift be Tilted and Shifted. It screamed for backlight. Shallow depth of field.

Black and white.

Art had to be matched with art.

Linnaeus marks the first ‘short film’ we have done on property.


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