This is the breakthrough video we’d been collaborating on and agonizing over for more than a decade. That’s how far Heath Williams and I go back; all the way back to H-House. And I suppose it takes that long for everything to gell. Trust. Knowledge. Experience. And trust. Heath is the ‘Architect’s Agent’. As a designer, he gets design. As a former television presenter, he gets TV presentation. And production. Because that’s what it is. It ain’t YouTube. It’s actually TV. You’re going to end up on somebody’s widescreen 4K TV in their living room. And if you don’t approach it with the same respect, you’re going to end up looking like a tosser. And as an Agent, Heath seriously gets sales and marketing. Add all that up, and we make for a great team. In 16 years of shooting high-end property, H.Williams is, by far and away, the very best I’ve worked with. And I’ve worked with ALL the best. The inspiration for all our collaborative films has always been to aim for Grand Design. But on a shoe-string budget. Forget $120,000 plus and five days of filming across a year or more. Think a few days and $7,000. With The Nest, everything we’d learned together came together. And nothing will ever be quite the same again when it comes to making high-end real estate videos with Heath Williams.

Place New Farm, Residential Real Estate

Published by Brett Clements