Welcome to our new site and the online film-making business we’ve wanted to launch for years. Decades actually. What do they say about ‘overnight success’? It doesn’t happen overnight. There’s no doubt we’re an acquired taste in online video. We pack our own technology – showcache.io – and we’ve very firm views about how a film needs to be made. Surprisingly, when marked against almost all mainstream production houses, we’re not expensive at all. We’re brutally efficient and highly cost-effective. We know companies in the same space that charge more than $50,000 for what we do for $5,000. How? Why? Well. We’ve taken all the BS out of the process, and we use new technology to constantly raise the bar. We break a lot of things – especially rules – and never let ‘perfect’ get in the way of ‘great’.

Call ‘Pony’ on 1300 766 779 OR drop us a line at info@platinumhd.tv.

House Rules

Rule No 1. Never, ever work with a client who thinks they’re a film-maker. Film-making takes pain and passion, perseverance, and persistence and if you want to be one, you really should quit your day job.

Rule No 2. See Rule No 1.

Rule No 3. If we like you and you like us, we’ll work together.

Rule No 4. We will never work with any of your competitors.

Rule No 5. We want your feedback ASAP so we don’t make any mistakes tomorrow.

Rule No 6. The truth hurts. We will always be transparent.

Rule No 7. ‘Shoot’ for the stars. If you fall short, you’ll still land in the heavens.

Published by Brett Clements