The Social Experiment. This is a road movie we filmed for Chris Gilmour – Australia’s Fastest Agent – from All Properties Group.

Chris is a big believer in social media, especially Facebook.

His billboard says LIKE ME and a lot of people do. So. We decided to put it to the test. The objective?

Can two guys wearing chicken suits and Chris Gilmour sell three homes in 72 hours?

Without newspaper advertising? 24 hours into the ‘experiment’; one property has already SOLD. Flametree.

For above the asking price. That was the home filmed by the dog on the GoPro2.

Chris is the reigning Australian Formula 3 Champion, and happens to list or sell a property every 26 hours. Or thereabouts.

Either/or, the FAST tag rests easily. The guy also has balls.

Going 260k through a corner in an open wheeler requires that – and then some.

Chris is also refreshingly down-to-earth and will pretty much have a ‘go’ at anything.

When Agent, Agency & Production House work together, the content that can be churned out in today’s digital world is amazing. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Instagram. Foursquare. It’s endless. And free. And fun.

For The Social Experiment, we wanted to shoot three back-to-back Propvids, each one with a twist, and then release them independently and also as a ‘road movie’.

More bites from the cherry for the same cost. The only catch: a GoPro2 has a WIDE lens so we decided to don chicken suits.

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Published by Brett Clements