Barney McGrath, ex-NY advertising guru largely responsible for the modern re-make of the real estate agency with his breakout vision for McGrath, had just finished a major overhaul on the Ray White logo and collateral. Now he was turning his blowtorch like attention to Broadbeach with a good idea. “We are Broadbeach.” Simple. It encapsulated what a modern real estate agency meant to the local community. It stood behind new developments, like Neicon’s new Oracle (Still a hole in the ground when we started filming) and the housing market. Like a high tide that floats all ships, an Agent’s work on the ground effects the livelihood of not just their Clients, but their neighbours. As prices on Hedges rose, championed by the work of Michael Kollosche and red hot in-room auctions, so did the value of the whole street. For the Corporate, we had this idea to build it like software. And be able to update it just as easily.

platinumHD Gold Coast, Various

Published by Brett Clements