A Game Play.

What ‘IF’ you woke up and discovered VIRGIN was launching a real estate agency in your marketplace tomorrow. And this isn’t outside the realms of possibility.

VIRGIN is always looking at markets and industries. We tried VIRGIN coke – and we like it Better Than The Real Thing.

Seriously. What would your real estate business look like if Sir Richard Branson turned his genius blow torch on it? This is a guy who beat British Airlines at its own game and is pioneering commercial space travel. Just to name a few of a million exploits.

Ask yourself: IF Sir Richard Branson applied the VIRGIN methodology to real estate, what would a VIRGIN real estate business look like?

And how would you respond as a Competitor? Would you be ready? How would a brand like VIRGIN position itself? Who would work for a brand like VIRGIN Property?

What would the business model look like? What would their marketing look like?

What would their videos look like? 😉 How would your Agency face the challenges posed by a competitor looking at real estate from a totally new perspective?

This is one of the many ‘Game Plays’ we challenge ourselves with every day. We like to think WAY outside the square.

Published by Brett Clements