This was our first big hit out with the RED Epic W in 8k and Yourtown Marketing Manager Craig Scarr wanted every room ‘lit’ in the background. Craig wanted the home “flashed up” like still photography. Digital video doesn’t enjoy the same leniency as RAW stills in the hands of an expert retoucher – although it’s getting better and better with more dynamic range and software like Da Vinci Resolve.

Our opinion is today’s real estate photography resembles artist’s impressions; visuals far, far removed from reality. The challenge is to light a place, with hot light.

For Tanawah, we turned to Mick The Grip and brought in a full, lighting truck. 

Between Mick’s arsenal and what we had in the Hyundai, we packed enough light and cable to blow out every shadow. Tanawah stands as the best example of a clean, even lighting job on a home. It took all day, stretching into the twilight hours to complete the production.


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Published by Brett Clements