Viral VideoSeptember 18, 2014

47 TE Peters Drive

47 TE Peters Drive

“The Owners want to use Allira Cohrs and they want her in the spa bath.” Ray White Mermaid Beach’s John Mayer said as he briefed us on the film.

I replied: “Do you know what you are getting yourself into here. She has double D’s.”

Within 24 hours, it was the subject of polarised commentary in a post on Million Dollar Listing Agent’s FACEBOOK page.

It took just 48 hours and 90,000 views before the phone rang with a “take it down” demand from head-office.

It was an over-reaction. There’s more flesh shown at a real estate awards night than in 47 TE Peter’s Drive.

Production wise, it was a first for us as we’d shot the film for Smart phones, clocking the camera to portrait model.