Increasingly, we’re called on to come up with creative for content.

We love it. It’s in our DNA. Our philosophy is branded content. It is not Creative by Committee.

We don’t do ‘safe’. Not on the big jobs anyway.

A great mate of PlatinumHD, Murray Jones, from Brisbane’s BIG IDEAS Group sent us this ad.

It reads:

“This is a backbone. You can’t run a good advertising agency without it. It often makes you say an honest “no” to a Client instead of an easy “yes”. It means giving service instead of servility. Very often, the result is outstanding advertising.”  Young & Rubicam.

This advertisement first appeared in Fortune Magazine back in 1947. It re-appeared in 1956.

And surfaced again in 1965.

On each occasion, the message lost none of its relevance. Somehow, we doubt it ever will.

Published by Brett Clements