Unlike any other profession, cinematography and photography (production) is something you can just ‘claim’ you do.

Go down to Bentley’s Camera House, buy a CANON 50D camera and ten minutes later – “I shoot real estate!”

This isn’t a story. This happens. Once a month.

Ring Bentleys at Pacific Fair. And that very same day, that ‘Shooter’ is in your Client’s home.

Worse. In their bedroom. He/she has no references. No insurance. No track record. No web site. No ABN. Just a paper flyer and a cheap $65 deal for photographs.

Sooner or later a home on Hedges is going to burn down and an Agent or Agency will be left holding the public liability can. Or worse.

And you’ve a much better chance of this happening than winning the lottery.

Even people holding lolipops on the roads have to be trained. (They must also teach ’em Bad Attitide skills. Notice how they never smile!)

So, we’ve been kicking around the idea of forming a real Real Estate Media Association.

We’ve even chatted to competitors. And many competitors like the idea.

An independent body that punches the card of professionals who are dedicated to the property industry – not those who are just passing through.

I suppose the question is would you let an unlicensed electrician re-wire your fuse box?

Or a stranger in your bedroom? Ask to see the credentials people. Ask for a copy of that $21 million public liability insurance.

We view this business as a PROFESSION. And if you’re in the Real Estate Media business, drop us a line with your thoughts.

Published by Brett Clements