News & Updates, TechnologyDecember 01, 2011

RED Alert #1

RED Alert #1

While turning and burning waiting for the CANON mount, we strapped on a CINEMOD for Nikon, and some old manual glass (50mm and 28mm) and shot our first commercial job for Jason Andrew Auctioneers at Brisbane’s Pink Piano Bar. Shooting 5k 2:4:1 is a blast.

We blew through 128 gig in a few hours just on one set-up.

You won’t be able to pick the picture quality on this stream as we compress from 5k down to our web quality, which is now just under 720p.

However. With 4k projectors out in the marketplace and YouTube now streaming 4k, we believe this technology will start to have an impact on your world over the next 12 months.

We will be launching this clip to YouTube in 4k. We’ll post the link here.

The next big job will be on the Sunshine Coast where Christian Fitzpatrick will be DP’ing a big lifestyle shoot for screening in a cinema for an in-room auction.