TechnologyJuly 27, 2011

The Next Great Internet Marketing Scam

The Next Great Internet Marketing Scam

Get ready for the next great wave of marketing companies with promises to deliver tens of thousands of eyeballs to your videos for $129.00.

Guaranteed. Seriously. If it sounds too good to be true….it probably is.

Online video is not about harvesting views by plugging into third-world farms where thousands of droids (real or otherwise) mindlessly click on YouTube links.

Winning an audience ain’t that easy.

If it were, movie studios and television networks would have done it eons ago.

From a Production Network that’s put more than a few million views on videos, and made quite a splash internationally doing so, it’s about getting real views.

This means making real estate videos that capture an audience’s attention.

The days of ‘its got lifestyle’ and a ‘gourmet kitchen’ are numbered.

Properties will demand unique approaches and individual attention.

The old ‘cookie-cutter/paint-by-numbers/cut-and-paste script’ approach that has gotten everybody by for the past 10 years is fast approaching its USE BY date.

Even the big portals might have to change their templates.

Fancy that.

Today’s real estate marketing packages come with everything including the kitchen sink – and they all look and sound the same.

That’s the problem. Homes are for sale.

Audiences aren’t.