– Digital Asset Management For Creatives

They say if you really believe in something, it matters. IT Architect Nicholas Tod and I have believed in building a Cloud-based business and media storage and distribution platform called, designed for Cinematographers, Videographers, Photographers, Production Houses, Advertising Agencies; any creative shop or business that needs to keep track of all it’s projects, and […]

A Walk On The WILD Side

When Brisbane Buyer’s Agent John Leighton approached platinumHD, he wanted a web site that could not only handle a lot of rich media but one designed around big, bold ‘statement’ photography. I don’t know where the idea came from but I suggested “…how about we film you sitting with a Bengal Tiger.” John rolled up […]

Launched. Propvid 2.0 – Capture Life’s Moments

We started life as propvid. In Sydney. Back in 2003 – 2004. Well. Actually our production house was called ‘Smashpop’ but everybody thought we were a rock band, so we had to bring in marketing whiz Barney McGrath to set us straight. “You shoot property video. How about Propvid.” Made a lot of sense. After […]

McGrath – Launching An Online TV Channel

platinumHD‘s proposal was to design, build and run a 24/7 online real estate channel for McGrath, complete with a team of four presenters in NSW and Queensland who would front property videos and interview Agents on listings and all aspects of the industry. There’d be purpose built, pre-lit studios/booths where Agents could record and file […]

R.I.P Print

Print diagnosis in Australia now TERMINAL. Get your affairs in order. Long live The Internet. We started this business back in Sydney more than 8 years ago, treading the streets of posh Double Bay with a borrowed Sony PDX10 and a shopping trolly as a CREW car. Back then, only one or two Agents believed […]

What’s 4K Have To Do With Real Estate Anyway?

What’s 4K? Over the next few months, you’re going to hear the term 4K more and more. Basically, it is the next level of HD. Even Higher Definition. It is the next big thing in image quality as far as consumers are concerned. When you hear the guys down at Domayne banging on about Panasonic […]

The Mighty Slideshow Versus Smart TV

This could also be called “The never-ending search for the NEXT big thing.” A good friend of mine asked me the other day ‘Do you think that’s it for video?’ in the real estate business. The early adopters get restless when they know the rest of the herd is on the way. Video’s indent in […]

Welcome to Nanny World

The Internet Blacklist Legislation – or PROTECT IP Act – is being championed in the US by big media and its allies in Congress, as a new way to prevent online infringement. But innovation and free speech advocates know that this initiative is nothing more than a dangerous wish list that will compromise Internet security […]

PlatinumHD Propvid Goes RED Epic

In line with our mission statement to be the No 1 property, tourism and lifestyle production network worldwide, PlatinumHD will deploy a Red EPIC on all its big signature productions from late September. The camera will be used on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast and New Zealand, by the Network’s senior DPs. This […]