Charity, Crushing Cancer, Film-MakingSeptember 11, 2018

Going Topless – Our Fight Against Cancer. The First Film.

Going Topless – Our Fight Against Cancer. The First Film.

John Natoli. “Loyalty”. One of our oldest Clients on the Gold Coast.

Cancer is very, very personal for us, so whenever we get a chance to lend a hand filming an event, or a survivor’s story, we’re in there. 100%. Boots and all. We call it ‘God’s Brief’.’  From the homeless, through charities like HavaFeed, to coverage of events like this, film can move mountains and we are here to help.

So it was a no brainer when The Agency’s John Natoli called and asked if we’d record the Cancer Council’s ‘Walk For Women’ event, to help raise money to find a cure to this insidious disease that strikes one Queenslander every 20 minutes. Facts are 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before they reach 85.

At platinumHD, we never just turn up. We come looking for an angle. With all guns blazing. If you know us, you know we’re different. We’re film-makers at heart.

September 8 dawned dark, grey and rainy. Everything was wet. Except the spirit and enthusiasm of everybody who turned out to help.

We met the Walk’s spokesmodel, Bianca. (We happen to share the same oncologist, at ICON.) Diagnosed at 20 with stage three breast cancer, Bianca pushed through and beat the big C. Bianca believes it takes equal measures of positive thought and modern medicine.

Bianca publishes a BLOG called Going Topless.

The short film we made aims to capture some of the chaos of the downpour, against a backdrop of the passion of people to push through. That’s a lot like cancer. MC’s getting drenched and drowned out. PA’s failing. But the message still getting through. It’s a bit rough and ready but that’s how it went down. Filmed on Canon’s flagship 1DXMII. Special thanks to Callum who helped keep us dry. Hats off as always for Linda ‘Pony’ Clements for producing, Gibbo for the mix and all the team at platinumHD for believing in what we do.