Special ProjectsOctober 06, 2016

Zahra – A New Farm Story

Zahra – A New Farm Story

A New Farm Story.

The ‘face’ of the development would be a woman who typified the social circles and lifestyle of the location. http://www.zahranewfarm.com.au

The Creative came from RUMBLE Advertising. The lead Agent was perfectionist Simon Caulfield. The Client. The Spyre Group. A specialist property company focused on residential development, managed property trusts and property advisory.

The team has developed more than $200 million worth of end property value around South East Queensland and beyond. Spyre Group was founded in 2008 and has grown from a family based business into a successful and evolving development group backed by high net worth investors.

The creative direction; black and white, highlighted with shades of pink.

Production Notes.

We walked the streets of New Farm, scouting locations and enrolling local businesses for filming clearance. This is so important. You can’t just roll up and shoot the general public at commercial sites without prior permission.

As so many sites these days are franchise-owned, permission has to come from the top and may take a few days. PLAN for it. We also deliver a complimentary, 30-second edit of every business that assists, and make available all our material.

Big shout out to the Powerhouse and Sabotage Social.

Special thanks to Simon for believing in us. http://simoncaulfield.com.au

The campaign comprised of a series of punchy 15-second spots designed by Rumble.