TechnologyJanuary 13, 2011

Agent FACEBOOK sites

Agent FACEBOOK sites

In the fast-approaching world of ‘what’s next’, advertising will be FREE.

As will content, to seamlessly transit from one page or site or theatre to the next.

A Company won’t have one web site; but many of them.

And with so many social media and content aggregation sites available – over 100, just with the most basic SHARE features – the days of shelling out the big bucks for analogue distribution are numbered.

With FACEBOOK alone, you can tap into a network of 500 million plus users.

Equally. So are the days of web-design companies charging outrageous amounts of money to re-sell ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.

The future is APPs. And this is an awesome idea, from AgentPoint – designed to showcase a real estate office’s brand, videos, staff profiles, current and SOLD listings.

Customised FACEBOOK pages with all the features you need to manage content.

A series of custom Facebook Real Estate applications designed specifically for industry professionals – from $550 a year.

Initiatives like this will help shift the mind-set, so money is spent on producing great assets that capture an audience’s attention – instead of being wasted on traditional, or old, media and propping up old web design companies.

‘Old’ web design companies? Yep. 25 years on. The net is changing.