VPA. Brought to you by McDonalds? We crossed paths with an Agent this week who said he’d glanced out our YouTube Channel, done some math (videos launched against channel views) and decided “video doesn’t work.” “You average about 10 views a video,” he theorised.

This guy wasn’t the first to jump to the same conclusion.

We’re about to ruin the party.

We don’t use YouTube as our primary streaming source because we believe Vendor Paid Advertising demands an AD FREE environment.

Underline this and flash it in NEON.

Also; if you embed a YouTube stream, you run the risk of your competition popping up on your own web site when that video finishes.

That’s not cool. L.J.Hooker on McGrath. The bear would go ape.

We stream our content from our own servers, in Sydney, and also from a CLOUD-based solution.

This gives us better speeds for Australian and New Zealand viewers and a secondary source for overseas; avoiding any content choke points across the Pacific, when the United States comes on line and hits up FACEBOOK.

We believe proprietary streams are KEY to the real estate video business. You don’t have a full page ad from RAY WHITE in the Courier Mail brought to you by McDonalds or Raine & Horne, sponsored by PLACE. VPA is the engine of our business model.

And we absolutely respect its values.

And all the Agents who believe in it. You rock. Our own system means we also have control. Which means we can fix it. For your Vendors.

Hence. We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 6 years on our own streaming systems.

If you’re a Client, you’ll know we deliver view charts and other features like cross-loading to social media, podcasting and QR code generation.

All part of the Platinum service. 99.9% of the Agents that really know our product and our system aren’t going to tell YOU about it.

The fact is: The average PROPVID receives about 130 – 280 views; about the same number of physical Open Home inspections you’d hope for if you marketed a properly priced property correctly.

Across integrated media. While we think print sucks, we believe Rupert & Fairfax are important bed fellows.

Now. A well-marketed video will record over 500 views. A video with an excellent marketing campaign, well over a thousand. The stand out’s – from 10,000 to 1.7 million. Unfortunately, for the average Propvid, nobody ain’t lining up to watch the current spate of real estate videos being churned out based on entertainment value.

The NEO and Chris Gilmour vids are few and far between and these guys really know how to social market.

Fact is. We only use YouTube as an archive OR if we think a vid is going to blow the lid and we don’t want to be left holding the bag for comms costs. 😉

All the smart Agents and Agencies are embedding content in their web sites, attaching links to their emails or pasting our links into FACEBOOK. VIDEO has worked since JFK kicked Nixon’s butt in the first televised presidential debate.

That said, perception is reality and in the next few weeks, you’ll see view counters start to appear on your videos and a total viewer count well over the MILLION mark. Somebody eats a burger every second; and watches a Propvid every minute.

We’d like to thank that Agent for bringing that ‘perception’ into our reality field. You rock. We roll.

Published by Brett Clements