News & UpdatesMay 09, 2012

We Up The Ante to 720. And The Game Begins

We Up The Ante to 720. And The Game Begins

Alice in Wonderland. UP to 720. And now. The game begins.

Last week, we re-configured what we call our ‘droplets’ and started compressing and uploading our videos in what’s called ‘720’ to the web for streaming.

It was absolutely no coincidence we also invested in East Coast servers to deliver faster streaming speeds to our Clients in Australia and New Zealand.

In layman’s speak, ‘720’ is the minimum form of HD.

It is where you really start to see the devil in the detail. This is where we want to first force the real estate video industry up to in screen size.

It is where quality really begins to count. Up to this point, you could get away with an iphone on YouTube; or a 550 Canon. Not anymore. Not with 720.

This is what you have come to expect as the very minimum on that wide screen TV you watch at home.

Better quality files demands more money be invested in servers and streaming. That means investing in the business. Next. Scripts will have to be better; and ideas even better. Agents will need to start prepping for high-end HD work. Getting to sleep early, the night before.

And this is just the start. For a few years, the production industry got hijacked by cheap DSLRs and iphone vids on YouTube. Now, it is swinging back the other way.

The new 4K Canon cameras will demand a minimum investment of 15k even before you put a lens on. And thousands more in editing software.

The production world is an industry this business has played in for more than three decades.

Production is our heritage. And our pedigree.

Now. You’re down the rabbit hole. And it is exactly where we wanted you to be. 😉