Why NOT YouTube for business?

At PlatinumHD Propvid, we’ve invested a few hundred thousand dollars over the years in designing, building and constantly refining our own video streaming system designed specifically for the real estate industry.

Its called TSR (The Screening Room). We continue to evolve it. Soon, we’ll launch TSR4.

We chose to develop our own application over taking the cheap and easy way out and just launching to YouTube for many reasons.

Many of which will become apparent as YouTube’s “free lunch” fast becomes “there’s no such thing as free lunch” model – with ambush advertising, pop-up’s, banners, skyscrapers and 30 second ads on other products streaming ahead of your product – along with commentary.

Not all of it ideal. Don’t read this wrong. YouTube dominates the world of Internet video and blazes new trails into its interactivity and applications everyday – and the foundation of every online video production has been made a whole lot easier by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

Thanks to Google, YouTube is on streaming steroids, with mega servers the world over.

The existing problem with YouTube is it doesn’t offer a COMMERCIAL channel for professionals – like LINKED IN is to FACEBOOK.

We can’t upload various versions of an edit for a Client, and their Client, to vet in privacy. We can’t guarantee a clean embed without the YOUTUBE watermark.

(Our detractors will no doubt say the same for the PROPVID slate, and you’ll be pleased to know we’re in the process of phasing this out completely as we refine our embedding process with our Clients).

We cannot guarantee an advertiser-free space.

Finally, read YouTube’s Terms & Conditions. Given our model largely relies on Vendor Paid Advertising, we believe the Agency needs an uncluttered space to do their job on behalf of the Home Owner, without any outside interference….free trip to Movie World anybody?

This site and its sub-domains are not designed as public portals. Agencies and Agents are provided with embed codes, so the films we produce can be streamed straight from their sites.

Anybody can embed any of our videos (although we’d prefer you be a Client if you choose to use our lifestyle content).

In closing, we also launch every video to YouTube at www.youtube.com/platinumhdtv. This is done as a back-up to our primary servers.

We also launch full HD content to SMUGMUG – however, ONLY as a professional peer-to-peer distribution system as applications like this, and VIMEO, are not allowed for general public streaming purposes.

Some may argue our videos stream a few seconds slower than YouTube.

We use the same servers as a little company called FACEBOOK.

And we’ve got our own dedicated servers on the Gold Coast and a new box coming on line soon in Sydney. These are only existing problems with YouTube.

No doubt, solutions are already in Beta. Just as there are other ideas for other exciting real estate Companies. Virgin Property anybody?

Published by Brett Clements