Sparks Fly. Winning The Race To The Bottom

An Open Letter to the real estate photographic suppliers’ industry.

We watch with amusement daily as the big franchise groups battle it out with all the small independents, offering more for less.

But wait. Much less! And lesser still.

Cheaper and cheaper in a race to the bottom. Get your home photographed for ONLY $99! Strip in the green grass; whack in a blue sky – hey, presto, We’re For Sale.

The unfortunate thing is so many young craftsmen see real estate as a training ground to greener pastures.

Something they move through. We see it as our industry.

At PlatinumHD, we believe in a future of quality motion pictures; film-making. We believe print IS dead. We want to help bury it!

And, if you guys want to help kill off the photographic industry, we’re also happy to lend a hand.

So. Let the suffering end. Pretty soon, we’ll be rolling out an All You Can Eat photographic package for ONLY $69!

Think of it as Richard Branson’s VIRGIN AIRLINES hits real estate marketing. Here’s what you get. 30 minutes on location from a real ‘pro’.

With a pro camera and flashes.

He/she will also arrive on an electric bike.

We shoot whatever you can point to in 30 minutes. So be prepared. Don’t be late.

We’ll send them off to a third-world country for re-touching. And you can have em back in under 24 hours.

Delivered via our secure online systems at PlatinumHD.

We’re currently training a few teams in the PlatinumHD style of uncompromising quality.

And we’re deadly serious.

So. If you’re a photographer who’s over paying 36% to the man in royalty fees, drop us a line.

Published by Brett Clements