Eden On Sunset

This video marked the first time ‘platinum‘ appeared as a brand, defining a platinum video.  Ray White Broadbeach’s Blake Haddleton sold out the building off the back of this film, which saw Westpac chief pilot Peter Bird doing some incredible aerials chasing a fast boat up the Broadwater, with Playboy golf model Jennifer Kachel hanging on […]

Blockbuster 08

Brash. Fake it will you make it. For the promo for the 008 Blockbuster, we slipped into the race crowd with special passes for a ride on a Blackhawk as part of the Indy celebrations. The airforce just assumed we were the BTS CREW and away we went. Inside running. What’s a Blackhawk got to […]

Making The Blockbuster. BTS. Episode 1.

Mark McLeod, former No 1 Agent for The Ray White Surfers Paradise Group, is a colourful, inspiring speaker. We got to film behind the scenes, revving up the team, as Ray White Broadbeach gets ready to take on The Event – the biggest auction in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a Win/Win at this time of […]