And what did Steve say in his reply. One word ‘Yep’. But at least Christian Fitzpatrick got a reply back.

Here’s the email Christian sent to

“Steve. I just wanted to say, I love Apple. We are a small business around 15 machines and derive our income from the use of FCP mostly. My concern is what I wanted to share…despite being a very devout Apple fan, Adobe’s Premier CS5, although a clunky, unstable piece of rubbish, could greatly speed my workflow, and only because of the Mercury Playback Engine that allows the real time editing of h.264. The Log and transfer process of transcoding footage is a very real and very costly time addition, that could be removed entirely if we shifted to Premiere. I humbly ask that something similar be integrated into the next release of FCP. It is so important for us and I’m sure many others who have invested in Apple and FCP based systems. If I’m thinking of jumping ship, I’m sure a lot of others are and many likely already have. I’m sure you already know this, I’m probably preaching to the choir. I just hope there is something you can tell me here. . . Is there any plan for a revamping of the FCP system other than the usual minor changes? I realise you’re a very busy man, but any information you can share to somebody who relies on you for his business would probably help me sleep a little more (literally!) 🙂 Your sincerely, Christian Fitzpatrick

Published by Brett Clements